Ghost In White

When the world is shattered by the horrifying effects of the deadly virus a white fungus gives it's entry!

A black fungus at first and a white fungus next, who knows we might even see a rainbow fungus and zombies walking around on the streets, at this point I think anything can happen.

We people are trying to be positive,battling our lives, putting ourselves at risk, watching every step of ours only to be hit hard to the rock bottom. We have tried to get a good recovery rate, get vaccinated,we maintained our distance and stayed at home all the time,yet we see many things that obstruct our well being and our life on planet earth.

Do you think the planet is tired of us?

Do you think it's getting rid of us?

After the black fungus attack, people in Bihar - India were found to be tested with a new fungus called the ‘white fungus’. It’s believed that this fungus is more lethal than the black fungus. It forms a thin layer on skin,tongue, genitals and on the internal organs. It can be detected using a HRCT scan ( High resolution computed tomography).

It affects people with weak immunity, diabetics and people who take steroids for a longer time. It is caused by a fungus called candida hence the disease is named as ‘Candidiasis’. Some of its symptoms include respiratory issues, headaches, inflammation and pains. Since very few were tested with this fungus ,doctors and researchers are still learning about it and there’s a lot more to know about it. For now, people are being treated with antifungals and it was seen that there was a good recovery rate and it was said that early detection can save people’s lives.