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Enrollments Protocol


1. EC : Executive Committee

2. SC : Student Coordinator

3. ES : Enrolled Student

4. IC : IIChE ID Card

  • SC's of the respective years must consult with the EC for a go/no-go clearance of the enrollments.

  •  After getting clearance from the EC, the SC's must announce in the class regarding the        enrollments.

  • Enrollments must be carried out batch-wise.

  • For the Pre-Requisites, SC's must refer to "Join IIChE->Requirements".

  • Fee Collection Period must be 1 Week. No delays must be entertained. And EC must make sure no delays are entertained.

  • An additional of 1 week must be given to the ES's to fill up the online application in the link given below.

  • To access the application form manually without re-direction, go to " -> Membership -> Membership Types -> Application Form under IIChE Student Membership."

  • Specific Details in the form must be same in all the ES forms. A sample form is given in the below link.

  • After filling up the online application form, the ES must verify their e-mail for a filled form sent by IIChE. 

  • If in case the ES didn't get the filled form, he must re-apply with a different phone number.

  • During the Fee-Collection Period, the SC's must also collect the required documents and must retain it with them.

  • After the ES sent a copy of his filled form he/she should get a print-out and get it signed in presence of the SC's. (1)

  • Note : SC must refer to the given doc below to know where the ES must sign in the form. SC must make sure any unfilled entries are left blank.

  • After collecting all the ES forms, the SC's must submit the Collected Money, Documents & the filled ES Forms to the EC. (2)

  • Steps (1) & (2) must be done by Week-3. 

  • After collecting the forms from the SC's, the EC must take out a DD. For filling out the DD refer to the given Link.

  • After the DD is taken, the EC must get the forms signed by the respective HOD & mail it to the IIChE HQ at Kolkata.

  • After receiving the IIChE ID Cards, the EC must handover the IC to the respective SC's.

  • After receiving the IC's from EC; SC's must paste "STAMP SIZE" photos to the IC's & get it signed by the ES's & submit it to EC within a week of receiving the IC's.

  • EC must make sure the received IC's are signed by the respective HOD.

  • After the signature's, the EC should give it to SC's where in turn the SC's will hand it over to respective ES's to complete the enrollment process.

  • NOTE : In case the respective EC or SC's are having any queries, then consult with the IIChE Faculty Coordinator

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